Georgia and OGP

Committee Membership

OGP as a Partnership is supervised by the Steering Committee which is the decision-making body and comprises of 11 governments elected by OGP member countries and 11 NGO representatives elected by member NGOs.

The current composition of the Steering Committee is as follows: Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea, United Kingdom. The Steering Committee is led by the Co-Chairs – each representative elected by the Committee member governments and NGOs.

  • In 2014, Georgia was elected as a Member of the OGP Steering Committee for the first time
  • In 2016, Georgia, along with France, became the OGP Co-Chair for a one-year term and in 2017 took over the chairmanship for yet another year
  • In 2018, Georgia handed over OGP chairmanship to the Government of Canada
  • As a result of elections conducted in April of 2019, from 2019 to 2022, Georgia became a member of the OGP Steering Committee. The Government of Georgia was represented in the Committee by the Head of Administration of the Government of Georgia.

OGP Steering Committee has 3 Sub-Committees:

Steering Committee

GL-Governance and Leadership

GL - Only representatives of OGP Chair/Co-Chair country and OGP Chair/Co-Chair civil society are enlisted in the Committee

CS-Criteria & Standards

CS - Countries assigned to the Committee work on procedural issues related to OGP activities including working out regulations and guidelines

TLS-Thematic Leadership

TLS - The goal of the countries assigned to the Committee is to support the practice of sharing experience in OGP subject matters, seeking for ways of cooperation among countries, etc. Georgia was a member of the TLS Sub-Committee until July 2019.

Georgia became a member of the Criteria and Standards (CS) Sub-Committee on 1 October 2019, based on the decision of the Chairs of the Steering Committee.