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To ensure organizational smoothness, high quality of coordination, and transparency, the High-level Open Government Coordinating Council was established for the first time ever in Georgia at the initiative of the OGP Georgia coordinating body (the Administration of the Government of Georgia) and with the active engagement of local and international organizations.

The Statute and the composition of the Council were approved by Decree #110 of the Government of Georgia dated 13 February 2020.

OGP Georgia Council offers equal opportunity of participation to both government agencies and the civil society community. Deputy Ministers and Heads of NGOs enjoy the right to vote in the Council. International organizations are also involved in the activities of the Council.

Objectives of the Council:   

  • Implementation and coordination of general open governance policy in the country
  • Preparation of the OGP Georgia Action Plan and its submission to the Government of Georgia
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan implementation
  • Review of OGP projects, initiatives, and legislative changes
  • Coordination of inter-agency activities

OGP Georgia Forum is a permanent working group of the OGP Council. The Forum is composed of working-level representatives of the Council member state agencies, as well as other institutions, local and international organizations, representatives of the private sector, and the academia.

Objectives of the Forum:

  • Developing and submitting the draft OGP Action Plan to the Council
  • Supporting implementation of the Action Plan, monitoring and informing the Council
  • Preparing proposals, projects, initiatives, legislative changes, and recommendations on open governance issues and submitting them to the Council
  • Identifying challenges and risks and supporting new initiatives.

OGP Georgia’s Secretariat - Public Administration Unit of the Administration of the Government of Georgia provides analytical and organizational support to the OGP Council and the OGP Forum. The Secretariat coordinates the Action Plan development process; Monitors and assesses fulfillment of the Action Plan commitments and supports the implementation process.

OGP Georgia Governance

OGP Georgia Inter-Agency Coordination Council

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OGP Georgia Forum

Permanent Working Group of the Council


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